July 19, 2018
Our Celebration is Today !
Greetings  Beautiful Family!
Preparations for the Boykin-McQueen Family Reunion 2018 are underway.  Our Theme this year is "Contiuning The Family Journey." The reunion is being held in  the Atlanta, GA  and boy do we have some exciting things planned for us this year!

The dates are July 19-22, 2018. We hope you are all planning to attend as we are planning some great activities for you!  We need your participation, your intent to attend, and your funds ASAP - so yeah um like NOW!!!.

The family reunion website is being updated, and you will still be able to make payments on the website, however there is a fee that will be deducted when using the reunion website.  You can still make payments by mail, by contacting Stephanie Shonte Mathews.

Family you will be receiving," A Save The Date Notice",followed by an officail mail out.

Currently we need to know the number attending, we also need to know if you will need hotel accommodations as we will be reserving a block of hotel rooms.  Remember, there will be no family homes available since all events will be held in Atlanta.

Please inform all family members of the family reunion plans.   Visit the reunion website in the next couple of weeks as it will be updated with new information .

PLEASE REPLY WITH YOUR INTENT TO ATTEND ASAP OR AT THE LATEST BY April 31ST, this is necessary for planning due to the fast approaching date of the reunion.  We look forward to seeing everyone there and having a GREAT TIME WHOO-HOOO!!
Thank you,
Stephanie  Shonte Mathews
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